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DoIT & Research Data Services have partnered to make it easier to find, compare, and get assistance with centralized campus research data storage

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Platforms and services to support calculations, data analysis and visualization


  • Workshops on Git basics and GitLab for researchers

    Learn more about using Git and GitLab to write, version and test software/code for your research. Two online training sessions are available in April, 2024.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Research Day, March 7, 2024

    Google Cloud provides access to cutting-edge machine learning and AI tools, making it easy to apply advanced techniques for deeper insights and accelerated discovery. Researchers are using Google Cloud to predict sepsis in intensive care …

  • Generative AI Workshop with Google Cloud, March 8, 2024

    Google innovation. Enterprise approach. GenAI tools being leveraged in secure, enterprise focused ways. Let’s explore how we can align on a strategic, campus wide approach to securely creating outcomes with GenAI. At this half-day day …

  • Posit Day 2024

    Research Cyberinfrastructure’s Data Science Platform invites you to attend Posit Day A series of talks showcasing resources and strategies available to UW-Madison researchers with a Data Science Platform account. The talks will be online and …

  • Join a community for building cloud computing skills using A Cloud Guru

    Researchers: Participate in a community learning cloud computing skills DoIT Research Cyberinfrastructure is organizing a cloud community group to help you gain cloud computing skills. You will use an online training service to learn skills …

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