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  • Baseline storage for research data, including restricted data
  • Increased institutional repository capacity for archiving data and making it open access
  • More enterprise services that can be used with restricted data
  • More cohesive and complete guidance and support for managing data over its lifecycle and meeting funder and regulatory requirements

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  • Proofs of concept with elastic, diverse resources and a variety of cloud providers to determine research suitability
  • Platforms with computing, data, and compliance configurations that can be quickly deployed for a wide variety of data types and research scenarios

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  • Google Cloud Platform Service, HIPAA Eligibility

    In August, the UW–‍Madison DoIT Cloud Services and Research Cyberinfrastructure teams quietly rolled out a new service, Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP is a set of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure …

  • AWS Imagine Grants due Sept 30

    AWS is offering Imagine Grants to non-profit institutions, which may include up to $100K of direct financial support as well as up to $100K in service credits, as well as training and support opportunities. The …

  • Introduction to AWS for Researchers

    AWS and Internet2 are hosting an Introduction to AWS for Researchers training session on Tuesday, July 21 from 2-4 Eastern. This session includes information on the benefits of the Internet2 NET+ contract, which the UW …

  • ResearchDrive and Electronic Lab Notebooks for Restricted Data Coming Soon

    Risk assessments have been completed for ResearchDrive and Electronic Lab Notebooks (LabArchives). Work on controls and processes to support the use of both services with restricted data (PHI, personal health information; CUI, Controlled Unclassified Information; …

  • Transferring and Sharing Data Via Globus

    The big data transfer tool Globus, is now available to UW-Madison researchers doing COVID-19 related work. Globus makes life easier for researchers with data on multiple systems and for system administrators who must support collaboration …

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