About Research Cyberinfrastructure

re•search cy•ber•in•fra•struc•ture stra•te•gic ini•ti•a•tive/ noun:
A university-wide effort to expand and update UW–‍Madison’s research Cyberinfrastructure resources

Today’s researchers work within many types of data, collaborate with other institutions, leverage on-campus and public cloud computing resources, and transmit data from remote locations. This reality requires resources and support that are reliable, available, effective and secure. Helping researchers use new modes of computation and visualization will enable the university to stay on the cutting edge and to continue expanding knowledge through future discoveries.

In response to this rapidly changing environment, UW-Madison started the Research Cyberinfrastructure Initiative. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Chief Information Officer (CIO) are leading this effort to expand and update UW-Madison’s research cyberinfrastructure resources, in collaboration with the Research Technology Advisory Group (RTAG), the Libraries, and other groups on campus.


Lois Brooks

Position title: Chief Information Officer & Vice Provost for Information Technology

Todd Shechter

Position title: Chief Technology Officer

Email: todd.shechter@wisc.edu

Steve Ackerman

Position title: Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Email: saackerm@wisc.edu

Jan Cheetham

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Director, Research Cyberinfrastructure, DoIT

Email: jan.cheetham@wisc.edu