Introduction to AWS for Researchers

AWS and Internet2 are hosting an Introduction to AWS for Researchers training session on Tuesday, July 21 from 2-4 Eastern.

This session includes information on the benefits of the Internet2 NET+ contract, which the UW contract does leverage through our reseller. It will also go into the details of running RStudio and Juypter notebooks on AWS. We also have a RStudio Team Enterprise pilot underway (which includes support for Jupyter notebooks) and would be interested to hear about your RStudio or Jupyter needs.

Please share with all who might be interested. Registration is at:

Please note that training opportunities may include access to accounts or resources that are not UW services. Please read and understand all agreements you enter into. This information is shared for the benefit of the UW community but does not constitute endorsement. If you have questions about our campus cloud agreements and their use, please contact your local IT department or the cloud team at