RStudio Team Pilot

What is RStudio Team?

The Research Cyberinfrastructure group is conducting a pilot of the RStudio Team service for researchers on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus from May 2020-April 2022. This service consists of two pieces of software:

  • RStudio Server Pro allows you to harness the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run your code from the RStudio interface or Jupyter Notebooks through a web browser. This system is perfect for those occasional analyses that would take forever on your laptop.
  • RStudio Connect allows you to publish your work in the form of Jupyter notebooks, RMarkdown reports, and Shiny Apps at with custom URLs.

How do I join?

If you are interested in participating in this pilot, please fill out the following form:

Request Access to RStudio Team

Purpose of the pilot

Many researchers at UW-Madison use open source versions of RStudio and Jupyter Notebooks. However, the open source versions and the hardware they run on have limitations with collaboration, security and computational power that are overcome by using RStudio Teams in AWS. This pilot will help us determine if an enterprise RStudio Team service will enhance data science research and collaboration for researchers before committing to providing the service indefinitely. 

We hope to answer the following questions during the pilot:

  • What types of research RStudio Team is useful for?
  • How many researchers are interested in using this resource?
  • What software, data, and other dependencies do users require?
  • What is the effort and cost needed to run an RStudio service, including user support, backend computing resources, and licensing costs?

This information will allow us to estimate cost and capacity to run a sustainable service into the future.

How to participate

There are several ways to participate in the RStudio Teams pilot: 

Run analyses on RStudio Server Pro

Do you have an analysis in R or python that won’t run on your laptop? Do you need a place for your group to work together on R projects in real time?  RStudio Server Pro can help.

Find out more about RStudio Server Pro Enterprise features

Integrate RStudio with your computing resource

The licensed RStudio Server Pro includes JobLauncher, which allows users to run their software on multiple computing resources. If you are interested in allowing access to your compute resources through Rstudio platform during the pilot period, let us know by completing the sign up form.

Find out more about Job Launcher features available in RStudio Pro. The Research Cyberinfrastructure team can work with you to assess feasibility and establish connectivity to your compute resource.

Publish content on RStudio Connect

Do you produce Shiny Applications, RMarkdown reports, or Jupyter Notebooks that need to be shared publicly or with your collaborators? Do you need to collaborate on these projects? RStudio Connect can meet those needs.

Find out more about RStudio Connect features or explore the user guide

Terms of participation

Limited seats

We currently have 10 concurrent slots for RStudio Pro and 100 concurrent slots for RStudio Connect. Due to the limited number of seats available for each resource, we are asking pilot users to estimate the amount of time they will need to use the service. When this time period is up, their account will be locked to free up a seat for another user, but their account and content will still be available for future use.

Support and feedback

Due to the novel nature of the pilot, users should expect that they may have to work collaboratively with us troubleshoot problems, like package installation. Additionally, users will also need to give feedback on the service so we can do a cost benefit analysis for continuing the service after the pilot period is over. 


Please be aware that availability of the service after the end of the pilot is not guaranteed, though we will work with users to transition any assets they have created out of the service if necessary.